Pop-up Everyday Card - R

  • Product code:PGR-7705 Blue
  • Topic:Birthday
  • Size:12.5 x 17.5cm
  • Packing:10 cards wrapped with paper tape, 180 cards in a carton.
  • Price:

* CARD INFORMATION: The folded card measures  12.5 x 17.5 x 0.30cm. We use high-quality art paper with a thickness of 260g, which is enough to limit the card's bending. These papers are also made in Italy and are certified to be environmentally friendly.

* PACKAGE INCLUDED: Each Pop up greeting card includes 1 luxury blank envelope with  paper thickness of 180g, 1 seal, 1 note cards.

* STICKER IN FONT OF THE PLASTIC BAG: an image of the pop-up pattern inside so the pattern can also be viewed without having to open the card.

* STICKER ON BACK OF THE PLASTIC BAG: a sticker with a standard size of 3.5x3.5cm which includes the name, size, code and barcode of the card (Content of the sticker can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements).