Price of the product
  • 11/05/2017

1. Price of cards:

- All export orders are priced in US Dollars.

- Price of cards provided on website is ex-works price, which doesn’t include transportation fee.

- Greeting cards that have the same types and sizes will have the same price.

- Depending on the total value of the order is large or small, you get discounts respectively (please refer to price list).

        + There will be a 5% discount if the order has a total value from 1000 to 5000 USD.

        + There will be a 10% discount if the order has a total value from 5000 to 20,000 USD.

        + There will be a 15% discount if the order has a total value from 20,000 to 50,000 USD.

        + There will be a 20% discount if the order has a total value larger than 50,000 USD

- Please refer to the price list in the “Support/Price list” section.

2. Minimum Order:

- Minimum quantity for a sample of an export order is 10 pieces.

- The minimum value for an export order is 100 U.S. dollars.

3. Production time

- Time until delivery depends on the quantities ordered, fulfillment usually requires between 5 days to 3 weeks.

4. Card Details

- All Handmade greeting cards are blank inside, no decoration or words.

- Each handmade card enclosed a blank paper inside and an envelope. All covered it with a plastic bag.

- No logo or prices are marked on the card.

- A sticker on the plastic sleeve of every card has a name, code and bar-code (You can also request to change the content of the stamp as you like) .

5. The changes required and costs incurred. (if available)

- If Customers wish to change the text on the card, an additional fee of 15 USD / per sample would be added to the order. (This fee is added to the first order only).

- If you request to have your logo on the back of the card, the fee plus $ 40 / order. (Only charge for the first order).

6. Volume - weight of the card:

- Each carton standard export size is 56 x 31 x 25 cm with the weight of the package is about 9 to 13 kg depending on the type of card.