Frequently Answered Questions - About Greeting Cards

1. I’m in USA and I want to buy your products. Can you send us the catalogue or some samples?

- We can send your price list and some sample cards to you (about 12 to 15), but you have to pay the shipping cost.

- Or you can also order a small order (because the minimum order is only 100 usd). After that, you can judge the quality of the product and our service.

2. I’m in Singapore but I have relatives in Vietnam. I will ask my relatives to receive the products and payout at your company. Do I get a discount? Or can the price be the same as the wholesale price in Vietnamese page?

- Our price didn’t include transportation fee, so if you ask your relatives to receive the products at the company, the price will not change.

- Export products are priced higher from 10% to 15% compared to domestic products, because their quality is better. You can either choose products with the export standards or domestic standards.

3. Are your products’ prices stable? If it changes frequently, how long is it when a product changes its price?

- Our export products’ prices are in USD and are very stable.

- We have been keeping these prices for over 8 years

4. I wanted to buy your greeting cards to distribute at the French market. The words on the cards are in English, but I want to change some English words to French. Is that possible?

- If you request any changes, we can accept the changes but there are some conditions. Please refer these conditions in the “Price and Information of Product” section.

5. I really like your products. However, I want you to design some custom models for us. Is that possible?

- We focus mainly on the manufacturing activities and mass selling, so we won’t be able to design a custom model for you.

- However, if you order our products and requested some minor changes for the product, we can accept that. Please refer the information in the “Price and Information of Product” section.