About Us
Duc Quyen cards Co., Ltd

In 1997, Duc Quyen facility was founded. The main products are hand-made greeting cards.

In 1999, Duc Quyen facility changed to a larger-scaled scheme, which is Private Enterprise. It was that time when Duc Quyen facility had an official name: Duc Quyen Private Enterprise. Beside hand-made greeting cards, the company also produces printing cards and birthday invitation cards.

In 2007, with the purpose of widening and modernizing the manufacturing business, Duc Quyen Private Enterprise dissolute, became Duc Quyen Company and continued working until now.

Our company's main products are all kinds of cards, which can be divided into four main product lines : pop-up cards, handmade greeting cards, printing cards and wedding invitation cards.  

With pop-up card and handmade greeting cards, each year we offer to the market from 200 to 300 new greeting card designs with many sizes and different topics such as: Birthday, Christmas, Valentine …Which are mostly hand-made and are also many domestic and international customers’ favorites.

More specially, our hand-made products have  many unique features and there are huge differences compared to other hand-made greetings cards made by Thailand or China that are currently selling in the international market.

In the wedding invitation producing market, we are also one of the leading wedding invitation manufacturers in Vietnam. Each year, we produce hundreds of new wedding invitations that have a wide variety of designs and types for the market.

In addition to producing the company's card products and stationery, we also process goods for many customers from many parts of the world such as Europe, Japan, Korea...

With stable and reasonable prices, we continuously improve design and product quality to meet the needs of our customers better.
Finally we would like to send to our customers sincere thanks and best wishes.