Customer Information Privacy Policy
  • 21/05/2017

1. Collecting customer’s information

- We don’t have any automated information-storing device but only collect and store the information of our customer manually when customers contact directly with us about ordering or business cooperation.

- The information stored include: Name (individual or organizations), address, address to receive products, contact information (phone number, email,…), contact name, tax identification number (if any), orders placed,...

2. Purpose of collecting customer’s information

- We collect customer’s basic information (as listed above) with the purpose of completing the trade between 2 sides efficiently in the present and future purchases.

- Information collected can also be used to improve our Customer Care service, notify new products or discounts……

3. Information - storing period

- We will keep the basic information given by the customers for an infinite amount of time unless the customers requested to delete the information provided on our company’s storage system.

- Customer’s information will also be deleted from our company’s storage system if the customer haven’t contact our company in a long amount of time.

4. Location to store and manage customers’ information

- Customer’s basic information will only be kept and managed on our company’s storage system.

5. Change of customer’s information

- If there is any changes to customers’ information related to performing business cooperation like: changing name, phone number, address to receive products… Customers can contact us and request correcting the information.

- We correct customer’s information with the purpose of making the trade fast and easy without any problems.

6. Commitment to keep customer’s information secured

- We are commited to keeping customer’s information secured. Information of each customer will not be shared or given to third-party organizations unless it’s a competent state authority’s decision.

- Our customer information privacy policy will always be followed. If there are changes required to meet the needs of expanding the business or due to changes in state policies, we will update information on this page.