Handmade Christmas Card - G

  • Product code:HGG-7252
  • Topic:Christmas
  • Size:6 x 9.5 cm
  • Packing:10 cards in a pack, 1260 cards in a carton.
  • Price:

All handmade cards are blank inside, no decoration or words.

Paper Cards: We use fine art paper 260g imported from Italy.

The back of the card does not have a logo or any other words.

Each card enclosed a blank paper inside and an envelope. All covered it with a plastic bag.

Each card has a thin sheet of paper so you can get out and print or write the best greetings. Then, you will paste it back in the card with glue or double-sided tape before sending it to friends, relatives or partners.

Sticker behind the card: including the contents such as: name, size, code, bar code with the standard size of 3.5x3.5cm is attached to the plastic bag behind the card

(Content can be adjusted according to the customer's own requirements.).